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Social Media
Social Media is a great place to share Paparazzi, whether its sales or building a team.  There are so many different platforms, but the main ones are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest & Snapchat.  There will be regular Blog Posts on each of these platforms, but this page will focus on using Facebook.

On the "Getting Started" page, there are video links showing you how to create a "Business Page" and a "Sales Group" on Facebook.  But then what do you do?!  We'll talk about several different ways to use Facebook to:
    - Sell jewelry
        * Through event pages ("Facebook Parties")
        * Through group pages (With or without a Hostess)
        * Having "back office" parties 
        * Facebook LIVE (sharing through live video)
        * Using albums to share photos
        * Creating your own graphics to avoid "Facebook Jail" 
    - Finding New Customers
    - When & How to Sell Jewelry
    - Setting a Schedule
    - Setting Your Business Policies 
    - Sending Invoices for Orders
    - Packaging Orders
    - Shipping Materials
    - How to Ship/Mail Packages

We'll also reference back to the "Hostess Coaching" page to help you, help your Hostess to have the best parties ever!
Coming Soon...
Video: Regular, consistent interaction in group
Video: Creating graphics
Video: Mystery Host party in group
Video: Setting your schedule for regular sales
Video: Google forms to collect email/addr
Video: Setting returns guidelines
Video: Doing theme parties
Facebook LIVE SALES!
You can get a variety of items to help you do Facebook Live Sales, whether on your personal Facebook page or in a sales group.  Either way, you can stack up books or boxes and sit your phone on them or you can (all at once or gradually) add these items to your online sales to make your life easier and improve the look during your sales.

                **Regardless, the important thing is to do FB LIVE SALES!**  
                                    **They are ON FIRE right now!!!**

#1 Thing you can do that can be free or at least extremely cheap and is VERY important is your background!!!  Don't do your FB LivE in front of a messy area.  You don't need that much space, just make sure your small background is neat.  If you have to, hang up a nice sheet, tablecloth, curtain, etc. behind you to make it look nicer.

Here are other items to make your FB LIVE easier, nicer and more professional too!
1. On your cell phone, go to your FB sales group page & tap the 3 dots...
2. Tap "Start Live Video
3. Give your LIVE PARTY a Title
4. GO LIVE & HAVE FUN!!!! 
(More Fun = More Interaction = More Sales!)

Tri-pod, Cell Holder & Bluetooth Remote
Clip-On Flexible Cell Phone Holder
Definitely improves sound especially if you're moving around
Rechargeable Cell
Clip-on Ring Light
Clip-on Zoom Lens to show viewers detail!
Tips after creating your Facebook Sales Group
A few more specifics to have on your sales group
Also, how to add and NOT add members to the group!
It is so EASY to do LIVE sales on Facebook, whether in your Sales Group or on your personal or business Facebook pages.  
*Announce in advance when you'll be LIVE for those who want to watch LIVE.  Many will watch later whenever they can, but they'll learn that when something they wanted gets sold during the live portion, they'll make a point to be on LIVE!
Here are some graphics you can download to post ahead of going LIVE!  Let people know when so they can tune in!! 
Directions below on how to go LIVE from your cell phone on Facebook!
​Creating a "Sales Group"
on Facebook is a great way to share Paparazzi with your friends, family and new customers.

You can also use Facebook as a great "tool" to find new customers and new Consultants and share the Paparazzi Love!

This is a playlist of videos on 
how-to's relating to
using Facebook groups
for sales.